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Make Debt Work for You

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Debt does not have to be a negative thing, especially if it is used to increase your opportunities in the future. There are a number of loan types that allow you to profit from the money that you have borrowed, as long as you treat it like an investment. Making smart choices with your money allows you to take on debt, pay it off and then indefinitely profit from the risk that you have taken. Mortgage…

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How to Calculate Your Debt

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How much do you owe in debt? Seriously, take an honest look at your finances. Do you have more money going out than coming in? Are you making the national deficit not look so bad in comparison? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, don’t worry, because you have the opportunity to take action now before your grandkids are stuck with paying for your bad decisions. The Math Behind the Numbers Finances are easy. They…

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Is Debt Settlement Right for You?

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If high interest charges and old debt are piling up at your front doorstep and you cannot budget a way to financial freedom, consider debt settlement as an answer to your problems. Debt settlement, which is also known as credit settlement or debt negotiation, is a legal process in which a debtor – often, but not always, with the help of a credit counselor – can reach a legal agreement with a creditor to settle their debt…

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