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How Is a Credit Score Determined?

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Your credit score is very important because it determines how likely a lender is to provide you with credit. This number is based on a number of things in your credit history and gives the lender a good idea of how safe you are as an investment. The more you understand about your credit score, the more you can work at improving it, so that you are less of a credit risk in the future….

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How to Get Free Credit Card Rewards

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Filled under: Credit, Education Center

If you are one of the countless people who uses credit cards on a regular basis, you might be intrigued about the idea of collecting credit card rewards. These rewards allow you to save money or earn points every time you use your card. If you earn points, you can exchange them for goods and services, which act as rewards for using that particular credit card. There are a number of different credit card reward…

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How a Credit Monitoring Service Can Help You

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Credit monitoring services can help you remain current with the changes occurring on your consumer credit report, which is generated by the three major credit bureaus of Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Many credit monitoring services alert you when your credit score increases, decreases or reaches a personal goal level, which you can manage and change as your personal goals change. Receiving alerts about key changes – these could include new lines of credit, new bank…

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