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Setting Your Financial Priorities

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Filled under: Education Center, Finances

Setting financial priorities is a critical component of your overall financial plan. Fortunately, there are no complicated mathematical calculations involved in determining financial priorities, and deciding what to prioritize is relatively simple. Start With the Basics As the economy continues to experience turbulence and unpredictability, it is prudent to first consider the basics — the routine day-to-day expenses that we all have — when setting your financial priorities. Basics are the very essential things you…

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Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving on a Budget

Young Couple Looking at Ocean

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, in some ways having a lot of money makes it easier to express your love for your significant other in the form of a gift, as it provides you with the ability to simply go to a nearby store, choose from a wide range of differently priced options, and purchase what looks like an appropriate present. For the majority of us who are of more modest means, however, the…

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Making a Plan to Pay Off Your Student Loan

Student Working on Laptop

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

There are two schools of thought regarding how to deal with student loans. Some people believe that you should repay these loans as quickly as possible. Other people, however, believe that you should simply make your minimum monthly loan payments, thus freeing you up to apply the bulk of your monthly earnings towards paying other debts you may have, as well as all the other expenses that normally need to be dealt with in life….

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