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The Best Ways to Build Credit If You Have None

College Student

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

When you are looking to make your financial future brighter, you must find smart ways to build credit. If you currently have little or no credit to speak of, you should follow some simple credit-building strategies to start yourself off on the right foot. Seek Help From a Relative The first thing you can do is gain authorized use of a relative’s credit card account. This method is especially useful if you are a student…

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The Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

Happy Couple Holding Agreement

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

Your credit score may simply seem like numbers on a page, but those digits can impact your life and finances in very big ways. A poor credit score will make it difficult for you to earn the trust of lenders, insurance companies and prospective employers, among others, whereas a positive score will have the opposite effect. Here are just a few of the many benefits of maintaining an attractive score: Easy Access to Credit Cards…

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How to Choose a Credit Counselor

Financial Adviser and Happy Couple

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

With the help of a qualified, well-trained credit counselor, you can gain the financial freedom for which you’ve been searching. The road to that point is not easy – oftentimes, you must complete hours of counseling sessions and curb your spending to fit your budget – but once you are in the clear financially, you will be happy you put in the hard work. What Is a Credit Counselor? A credit counseling organization – which…

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