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How to Choose a Credit Card

Credit Cards

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

If you’re thinking about getting a new credit card, you probably already realize there are literally hundreds of options available to you. And while many of these options may come from a bank or credit union where you have an account, you probably still have dozens of options for cards offered by other sources. So how do you choose a credit card? The answer depends on why you want or need the card. There are…

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Ways to Acquire a Credit Card With Bad Credit

Shopper Handing Over Credit Card

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

Making mistakes with your credit can make it difficult to get a credit card later on in life. Many people end up in this kind of situation through no fault of their own, as it is very easy to get into credit trouble. Luckily, there are ways around this, as certain credit card companies have made it possible for you to get a card even if you have you poor credit. To help get yourself…

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How to Avoid Credit Card Late Fees

Older Couple Examining Bill

Filled under: Credit, Education Center

Having a line of credit in the form of a credit card offers convenience and security. You can make purchases now and repay the balance later. And if you make a purchase and the item is defective or arrives in a condition other than how it was advertised, the credit card company can investigate the charge and possibly obtain a refund on your behalf. However, with a credit card comes certain responsibilities on the part…

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