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How to Calculate Your Debt

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Filled under: Debt, Education Center

How much do you owe in debt? Seriously, take an honest look at your finances. Do you have more money going out than coming in? Are you making the national deficit not look so bad in comparison? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, don’t worry, because you have the opportunity to take action now before your grandkids are stuck with paying for your bad decisions. The Math Behind the Numbers Finances are easy. They…

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How Is a Credit Score Determined?

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Filled under: Credit, Education Center

Your credit score is very important because it determines how likely a lender is to provide you with credit. This number is based on a number of things in your credit history and gives the lender a good idea of how safe you are as an investment. The more you understand about your credit score, the more you can work at improving it, so that you are less of a credit risk in the future….

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Making a Plan to Pay Off Your Student Loan

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Filled under: Education Center, Finances

There are two schools of thought regarding how to deal with student loans. Some people believe that you should repay these loans as quickly as possible. Other people, however, believe that you should simply make your minimum monthly loan payments, thus freeing you up to apply the bulk of your monthly earnings towards paying other debts you may have, as well as all the other expenses that normally need to be dealt with in life….

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