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Easy Ways to Track Your Spending

Young Couple With Bills

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

As a consumer, you must track and review your financial information regularly to remain aware of your spending patterns, including unhealthy spending habits that could be hurting your wallet. The key to tracking your spending is using safe, effective tools that offer convenience, security and organization. Tracking apps and websites on the Internet are one option. And if you are already using online banking, you can continue tracking your spending that way. Otherwise, you can…

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How to Choose a Financial Adviser

Couple With Financial Planner

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

When you start looking around for a financial adviser, you’re going to quickly realize that almost anyone can call themselves a financial adviser, but not everyone who claims to be an adviser actually is one. Even worse, many financial advisers aren’t interested in protecting you or your money; all they truly want is to make a commission off you every time they persuade you to alter your investments. So how do you choose a financial…

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The Importance of Paying Off Your Home Mortgage

New Homeowners

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

If you’re like most people who “own” a home, you don’t actually own it yet, technically speaking. You’re making monthly mortgage payments, which means that the lender who you went through to get your original mortgage loan still owns part of it. If your goal is to eventually own your home outright, paying off your home mortgage is key, and doing so can provide you with a number of tangible and highly rewarding benefits, financial…

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