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Simple Ways to Supplement Your Income

Man Counting Coins

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

Many people are having a hard time making ends meet these days, even when they are working full time. If this describes you, you should know that there are a few ways to increase your income short of getting another full-time job. And these ways not only work for people who are full-time employees, but also those who only work part time or are currently not working at all. Here are some actions you can…

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How to Prioritize Your Bills

Concerned Woman Looking at Receipts

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

Bill payments come around like clockwork. From the mortgage or rent payment at the start of each month to the telephone bill every 30 days, regular expenses are unavoidable and you have to find a way to pay them. The key to paying your bills on time and avoiding late fees is to prioritize your expenses and create an effective plan of action. Here are some tips on how to pay off your bills and…

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How to Set a Budget

Woman Working on Home Budget

Filled under: Education Center, Finances

Before you can effectively set a budget, you must determine your monthly expenses and other financial obligations (which might include anything from extra money for tipping a nanny or babysitter to assisting an elderly or college-age family member with additional money for groceries). Once you know the amount of money you owe and to whom you owe it, you can better prioritize your bills and set a budget that allows you to pay all your…

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