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The Best Methods for Paying Off Your Debt

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Filled under: Debt, Education Center

For many people, paying off debt is an extremely difficult task, especially once it reaches a critical stage. The method that you use to repay the money you owe should be based on your individual situation. This is because debt situations vary from person to person according to such factors as how much money is owed and how capable the borrower is of repaying it. Before devising a plan, consider a few different repayment methods…

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Ways to Acquire a Credit Card With Bad Credit

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Filled under: Credit, Education Center

Making mistakes with your credit can make it difficult to get a credit card later on in life. Many people end up in this kind of situation through no fault of their own, as it is very easy to get into credit trouble. Luckily, there are ways around this, as certain credit card companies have made it possible for you to get a card even if you have you poor credit. To help get yourself…

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An Introduction to High-Yield Reward Checking Accounts

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Filled under: Banking, Education Center

Most people don’t think about checking accounts as a way to earn any money from a bank. If they want to earn interest from a bank, they do it with a savings account or CDs. High-yield checking accounts offer a different choice. High-yield checking accounts offer a significantly higher interest rate than normal checking accounts— but only if you follow all the account’s requirements each month. Thankfully, these requirements are fairly simple. Debit Card Transactions…

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